Currently Working On...


After graduating, Estefania spent a year working in San Francisco on a temporary visa (OPT). While in San Francisco, Estefania built strong relationships with people whom she continues to work with. Below is a brief summary of projects she has been working on remotely. After she completed her OPT visa, she spent some time in Costa Rica where she decided that moving to Vancouver was the next step for her. She will be moving there in May.

My Blind Eye 

Dir. Marta Dymek

My Blind Eye is a Music Video featuring Katherine Burden. The video is currently in Post Production. Estefania helped produce it and is now in the process of editing it. 


Dir. Joshua Izenberg

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 4.22.01 PM.png

Internado is a documentary based in Peru about a controversial clinic that treats drug addictions. It is in the very early stages of Post Production and Estefania is now in the process of organizing hours of footage and structuring a sequence that will serve as a skeleton for the Documentary.